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NCAA Releases Mock NCAA Men’s Bracket

In predictions, Uncategorized on February 12, 2010 at 1:13 pm

The NCAA has begun releasing a mock selection bracket for March Madness a month in advance of the actual selections.

There’s a pretty complex set of stats, algorithms and processes involved in creating this hypothetical and you can read about it at the NCAA website – they even have videos explaining it all, but for now,

here’s the mock bracket, itself

Check out the Mock NCAA Men’s bracket for yourself – set the .pdf to 50% of actual size and you can see the whole bracket on one screen easily.

If selection were to go this way I would definitely put money on Kansas to win it all. (Oh yeah, I already did!).

And looking at Syracuse’s bracket, you run into an opportunity in that game against Texas in the Sweet 16. I’m a Longhorn, but I gotta say ‘Cuse’s play against the BIG men of the BIG East is impressive – Dexter Pittman and Wangemele neutralized and the three high-scoring freshman of Texas under heavy defensive pressure? I like Syracuse.

Lots to look at in  this mock bracket, including Georgetown’s bear of a bracket having to face Belmont, Xavier and Ohio State to get to the Sweet 16 … hmmm. And they’d end up facing a Kentucky team that has a much easier road.

I like Wisconsin in their bracket too. I figure they’d make it all the way to the Kansas matchup and then fall in the final four.

If Purdue and K-State manage to get through some tests against Maryland and Butler, I like that game a lot – K-State D versus that Purdue team wil be a blast to watch. Early, of course, but I’m taking K-state. And if Nova makes it past OK State or Illinois or Wake, I actually like K -state or Purdue in that matchup because of fatigue. G’Town took Nova apart.