Yesterday’s Hoops is a basketball blog that considers scores from last night’s games in the context of the history of the game. YH is for the basketball fan who enjoys the game more than the players, the play more than any one team and the great coaches for their genius.

Launched Tuesday, February 16, 2010, we’re on the air February to June for the second half of the NBA, the NCAA Men’s Conference Tournaments, March Madness. In short, YH is all men’s hoops when it matters most.

We like Ice

and Elgin

cause we saw them play.

and we watched everybody from then through the ABA-NBA merger, the Spurs moving from east to west, Bird/McHale/Parish, Dr.J’s ring, the rookie Magic at center ftw, Showtime, Phi Slamma Jamma, Isaiah, Dumars and the Microwave, Ferry at the buzzer, Air Jordan, Hakeem the Dream, Fab Five Timeout at the Superdome, His Airness’ Return, Stockton to Malone, Tark’s Runnin Reb’s and on through Shaq, Timmy, the Black Mamba, Dwyane, CP3, Nowitzki, LeBron and on up to Brandon Jennings and Steph Curry today, because we love the game in its purest form.

We’ve listened to Jones, Riley, Daly, Jackson, Popovitch, Sloan, Bickerstaff and Brown, to Wooden, Dean Smith, Coaches K, Knight, Calhoun, Boeheim, Massimino, Tarkanian, Thompson, Self and countless other tacticians.


bookmark us and stay tuned … SUBSCRIBE … comment … lurk away.

but if you steal something, just mark it MTK.

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