Pitt Steals ‘Nova Thunder; Ohio State Impresses; Kansas, Purdue, Cats and Devils Roll

In march madness on February 21, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Congratulations to General Grievas, our ACC Player of the Year, the first player in ACC history with more than 2,000 points, 700 assists and 600 rebounds.

Great weekend of ball!

Ohio State 74, Michigan State 67

Ohio State University gets the BIG ups from Yesterday’s Hoops, after a locked-in, very impressive victory over Michigan State.

Izzo is no joke, and Lucas is back – MSU’s program jammers – all you K-State roosters better mind the Spartans.

That said, Ohio State plays great team defense – they collapse lanes, force steals, turn on the break.

They are disciplined in the half-court set, patient with the ball. Fundamentally sound and the only team in the Big Ten that I’m confident is big enough to hang with the monsters of the Big East or Cole Aldrich and KU.

Not to mention ET.  All right already, Evan Turner’s the Men’s POY.

I am leaning toward Ohio State as FF candidate, the sole representative of the Big Ten. (Boilermen, I love your game, and YH really does hope you earn your way out of the Elite Eight)

Pitt 70, Villanova 65

Pitt won this on crisp, excellent free throw shooting, good defense and an unusual, turnover heavy performance by ‘Nova, who in any case didn’t need the win like the Panthers did … at home.

Pitt killed YH last year, and once burned, we are wary.

Meanwhile, ‘Nova stays in our FF, we LOVE Scottie Reynolds. draws the 3pt. foul and makes all three in the waning seconds of a tight loss. There’s no die in this kid.

Syracuse/Boeheim, KU/Self look unperturbed right now. They’re the ones who look focused and actually comfortable working to beat … everybody. ‘Cuse and Kansas just looks scary likely.

A lot of nervous coaches this year.

Coach K, I hate to say it, but everybody knows you can’t ride those three guys – no matter how good they are – very far in the tourney.

Duke 67, Virginia Tech 55

I said Duke by 9 and the spread was 12 and a half. It was by nine until a three seconds left in garbage time and that meaningless 3 – that still didn’t cover, Dukies? Sorry Blue Devils, I don’t believe it – and you know what?

YH says it, right now: Butler is better than Duke.

Wisco overrated, too.

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